Dan'S - Jimi

Date 2008-01-07

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Electronic music in its best sense is what Daniel Leviez aka Dan’S is creating. He is from the east french département Meurthe-et-Moselle – if you ever heard of Nancy (no not Leonard Cohen’s ex ex, the other one): that’s the capital of that département.

FM: What do you do besides music

Dan’S: Well, I am a laser operator.

So not only the music but also the profession of Dan’S is quite electro centered.

FM: Why do you publish your songs under free licences?

Dan’S: Music ain’t my profession. By using those free licences my music can be listened to for free and disseminate better. Besides those licences protect my music as well.

So this time I head a really hard time to decide which of the tracks of Dan’S I should introduce here. Actually I don`t like electronic music tracks that much (maybe I haven`t heard good enough ones till now) but Dan’S really has the right touch on making songs that surprise (at least me) with a gemmy melody, a great flow and niiiiice beats.

Okay, I took the warmer and slower one of the both tracks that made it into my top-two: Jimi which Dan’S made for his little son. The other – faster and a little bit harder – track that almost made me fall in love with fast electronic music is Marie which can be found like all other songs of Dan’S on Boxson.net.

Dan’S – Jimi
found on: Boxson.net
licensed under: Licence Art Libre
Dan’S’s Blog: thedansblog


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