wo ich bin

Let’s really write songs now!

In case your formerly sparkling interest in writing songs is still alive, you can check out this dudle to actively help finding a date for the event named „Let’s write songs!“ https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/LetsWriteSongs/

All in all I thought 2-4 hours on a Saturday in May somewhere in Alaunpark or on the Priesnitz should be a good time and place for the workshop, so make your cross: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/LetsWriteSongs/

My plan for the workshop so far is:

  1. To give a short introduction into songwriting (max 10 mins) wherein I explain two or three tools you can use for writing lyrics.
  2. Then participants can try to write some lyrics, using these tools (or not).
  3. Then participants can exchange the lyrics in order to a) continue writing on others lyrics or b) add some constructive hints on others lyrics (like: „what does that line mean?“ or so).
  4. You could also bring ideas for lyrics you are stuck with or half-finished poems, maybe someone has an idea how to go on with.
  5. Then my plan is running out of petrol but maybe some of you have a hint how to continue then?

Maybe my plan stinks in general and you wanna do it another way? – Great, let’s do it your way!

UPDATE: Wer sich fragt, warum das hier alles auf Englisch steht: bisher haben sich für den lokalen Workshop zum Thema „Lieder schreiben“ in Scheiß-Dresden nur englischsprachige Leute angemeldet. Dennoch: German speakers dürfen auf mitmachen ;)